SAW-1 Discovery Synthesizer

SAW-1 Discovery Synthesizer Features and Specs

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SAW-1 Discovery is a one-of-a-kind synthesizer based on vintage analog sawtooth wave recordings. Waveforms which were recorded with ultra-high sample rates, vintage equipment and attention to detail help SAW-1 surpass any sample-based instrument to date.

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Fourteen unique layers consisting of over 940 analog samples combine to make some of the biggest sounds ever created using just one device. This synth is BIG. 



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For each Oscillator choice, nearly every white key has its own unique sample – 68 samples per layer – but SAW-1 Discovery is a dual-layer synth. That equals over 130 samples for each Oscillator choice! There are virtually no artifacts, fidelity issues or interpolation problems as you move up and down the keyboard. Each key sounds like it does on the original instrument (when Single Saw or Dual Saw is chosen as the Oscillator source – there are no multiples on the original). In fact, that instrument is now sold…

SAW-1 Discovery can also get lean and mean. The single-oscillator waveform choice takes vintage analog to the next level by offering not only recreations of vintage synths, but doing so with full polyphony if desired.

Glide (portamento) and 3 different monophonic modes allow for any playing style; perfect for bass synth, lead or effects.

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Matrix-style programming on almost every component gives you the freedom needed to take your art to the next level without compromise. 

A design that allows nearly every feature to be seen at a glance speeds up customization and helps you tailor sounds for a perfect reaction.

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Low Pass and High Pass filters - built with the idea that filters should be magic - give SAW-1 Discovery a versatile personality, ready to produce sounds that will tear your head off or sing you to sleep. Resonance peaks can get so high that they self-oscillate. One can combine Low and High Pass resonance peaks together making an incredible sound that explodes through a mix like dynamite.

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A built-in Step Sequencer with 16 tunable and mutable steps adds motion and excitement to your music. If you've ever used an analog step-sequencer you know immediately why this is included. Steps are variable from 1-16, tuning is -12 to +12 and rhythm is variable from 1/64 to a quarter note.

Seven different Oscillator choices are offered. They are:

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Single Saw – one single-oscillator sawtooth waveform per layer.

Dual Saw – two single-oscillator sawtooth waveforms per layer.

Multi-Saw 1 – twelve vintage ARP 2600 sawtooth waveforms per layer (slightly detuned from one another).

Multi-Saw 2 – sixteen vintage ARP 2600 sawtooth waveforms layer (moderately detuned from one another).

Superstack – a “tame” multisynth layer combining the ARP stack with other sawtooth-wave synths.

What The… - Club Ready, this layer contains hundreds of sawtooth waves from multiple synths.

The Trinity – The true Trinity is everywhere. It shows up here as the embodiment of sawtooth-wave sound. Over 1000 unique sawtooth waveforms per layer combine to define the line where chaos and beauty meet. 

Delay, Chorus and Distortion and custom Reverb convolutions from Chris’ own equipment fill out an impressive fully automated effects section.  


Spring Reverb convolutions were taken from the same vintage ARP 2600 that provided the Sawtooth waveforms, both mono and stereo. Deep reverbs were made especially for SAW-1 Discovery with famous hardware layered together for thick, full reverbs that stay full throughout decay – no grainy tails!



Delay incorporates full bounce-panning and swing capabilities, independent from Reason. Feedback can be modulated and filtered (LP and HP) for precise placement – staying out of the way or becoming a focal-point of your sound.



Chorus is thick and gorgeous. Made to emulate the famous 1980s sounds that defined an era and became an essential part of so many synthesizer sounds during that time.



The Distortion effect in SAW-1 Discovery is violent! Low Pass and High Pass filters tailored for this module contain and color the sound in creative ways. Pre and Post capability allows distortion before or after the effects section. Even or Odd harmonic emphasis rounds out an incredible sound that you will love.


Combine this with a fast-acting Bus Compressor and you’ve got a hitmaking machine, ready for your project.


  • A unique synthesizer focused on Sawtooth waveforms

  • Over 940 sampled analog waveforms create an incredibly potent sound

  • Saw-1 Discovery is an integrated two-layer device with a different sample set for each layer.

  • Low Pass and High Pass filters are designed to enhance the original waves or destroy them if necessary. Resonance on both filters can force the module to self-oscillate.

  • Matrix-style programming on nearly every component allows for insane routing possibilities and unique sound creations.

  • A design that presents almost every feature at a glance speeds up programming and helps you see parameters easily. No paging back and forth to balance layers or integrate device modules.

  • A built-in Step Sequencer with 16 tunable and mutable steps adds motion and excitement to your music.

  • Effects included are Delay, Chorus, Distortion and Reverberation with custom impulse responses designed specifically for SAW-1 Discovery.

  • The included bus compressor sums all parameters into just one knob - like the best vintage compressors – to control peaks and level volume on an already impressive sound.

  • Included Factory Patches are ready for real records. These are useful out-of-the-box and were created as actual record productions went along. While in development, SAW-1 was used in sessions extensively to finalize the feature set and patch collection. Many of the factory patches were originally created for label-bound productions.

SAW-1 Discovery is available now in the Propellerhead Shop.